Sunday, September 15, 2013


So where were we? My last post was a shop talk as I was pondering the move up to the personal hand crafted metal chastity device. Well my fellow fetishists, my Jailbird arrived last month and let me tell you, it's a whole new ball game. A lot of you, I realize, probably know that already, but let me continue anyway.
Important, neither me or any member of my family is employed or professionally connected to Mature Metal, the company that makes the Jailbird as well as other models of such devices.
First, as I have read many express on this here "InterWeb", they do have an excellent and helpful costumer service and that is important, especially for us guys who like to tinker with any gizmo we can get our hands on... :) . Second, it is beautifully crafted and indeed feels a lot better then the plastic ones and third, as all beautiful and shiny things go, the ladies love it (sorry non heterosexual readers, keep reading anyway). I think it does give Princess K a greater pride and joy in her key holder role. And isn't  what we all want is to please our key holder?
Well we enjoyed the JB for a few days when I felt the need to tinker. I do think now that the anti pull  out option is necessary for a better security and I also wanted to get another, smaller ring for future use. Planning ahead here.
That meant sending JB back to it's birth place with Princess K blessing of course. While the adjustments were being done the Princess had to go out of town for some work thing and I was left on my own....
Yes, my dear readers, now I am a little afraid - The Jailbird came back couple of days ago, the Princess will be landing in few hours and I have been a naughty "Toyfriend". After arriving at a state of relative bliss or at least acceptance of my caged situation I am afraid it will take some work to regain that state agin.
I do miss the Princess however, after 9 days of being apart and  hope she missed me enough to be relatively forgiving of my infractions.
More to come....  

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