Sunday, September 15, 2013


So where were we? My last post was a shop talk as I was pondering the move up to the personal hand crafted metal chastity device. Well my fellow fetishists, my Jailbird arrived last month and let me tell you, it's a whole new ball game. A lot of you, I realize, probably know that already, but let me continue anyway.
Important, neither me or any member of my family is employed or professionally connected to Mature Metal, the company that makes the Jailbird as well as other models of such devices.
First, as I have read many express on this here "InterWeb", they do have an excellent and helpful costumer service and that is important, especially for us guys who like to tinker with any gizmo we can get our hands on... :) . Second, it is beautifully crafted and indeed feels a lot better then the plastic ones and third, as all beautiful and shiny things go, the ladies love it (sorry non heterosexual readers, keep reading anyway). I think it does give Princess K a greater pride and joy in her key holder role. And isn't  what we all want is to please our key holder?
Well we enjoyed the JB for a few days when I felt the need to tinker. I do think now that the anti pull  out option is necessary for a better security and I also wanted to get another, smaller ring for future use. Planning ahead here.
That meant sending JB back to it's birth place with Princess K blessing of course. While the adjustments were being done the Princess had to go out of town for some work thing and I was left on my own....
Yes, my dear readers, now I am a little afraid - The Jailbird came back couple of days ago, the Princess will be landing in few hours and I have been a naughty "Toyfriend". After arriving at a state of relative bliss or at least acceptance of my caged situation I am afraid it will take some work to regain that state agin.
I do miss the Princess however, after 9 days of being apart and  hope she missed me enough to be relatively forgiving of my infractions.
More to come....  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Talking shop

Do I need to say something for not having written here for 3 months? Not really. It's my blog and I can do with it as I please I tell myself so to not feel too guilty.
But this here post is more of an update or a question. Not feeling too happy with the plastic cb I am moving on. Time to play with the big kids league of custom-made devices.
Having spend the better part of last week with the sizing rings from Mature Metal I am now left with one decision to make: The 1 1/8th or the 1 1/4 for diameter ? Snug is such a subjective concept.
My faithful and helpful reader and commentator, Wishful4, discussed some of that on my blog before. I would love to here from you again. This post is kind of meant for you, but all are welcome to put in their advice. Us guys we love to talk shop no matter what is the contraption at hand.. :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


It has been a while since I last posted here. It's time  to refresh and bring in the new spring which is, here in Chicago, trying hard to come out yet it is as if  Goddess Nature  is not yet letting it emerge from its cage... I guess one could claim that as far as the weather goes around here you can regularly experience her mean  teasing and denial tactics. Watch and learn all of you key holders out there.
Now,   I hope you all know that chastity can never fix a relationship and should never be used with that sort of expectation in mind. As princess K and I are moving forward in our still rather young relationship there is much for me to learn  in it about me about her and about my chastity life under her control.
So after a brief intermission, a lull if you will, I am locked again and things just may be different this time, improved may I dare say? I am more relaxed about being locked, more accepting, well maybe not when I am being teased and squirming.. but in most ways otherwise.  I found that complaining or wondering incessantly when will I next get released is somewhat missing the point. It can also be uncomfortable to say the least for the novice key holder or any one for that matter. And after all, giving the control over to the key holder should be first a gift we are offering with trust and affection and not just a burden or a choir.
  I've read about this emotional progression experienced by others and I guess that that is true for me too. The initial panic and anxiety subside and  then something more powerful, or joyful, in this exchange of control can begin. Same goes for the key holder I believe but I can't, and probably shouldn't speak for Princess K. 
Now on to the new spring.
More to come..

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Midnight Express

Naturally, I don't know who reads this blog, what is your age, your education level, your knowledge and interests. Well, I do know of at least one  interest of yours... but none the less, against all that they taught me in collage about writing, I do not know who I am talking to. Therefore, I generally pretend that I am writing to Princess K or, at times, to myself. I am saying all that because this morning I had an interesting mental reference  as to how I felt. I really wanted to touch myself, just simply to hold what's mine (or was mine? ) firmly in my hand. Princess K is going out of town for a few days, maybe that had something to do with my frustration and angst. Just then I was suddenly reminded of that famous scene from "Midnight Express". In this 70's movie a us citizen Billy Hayes, is sentenced for life in a Turkish prison for attempting to smuggle  some hash back to America. AnywayBilly’s girlfriend comes to visit him in prison after a couple of years. 
Since there’s no porn in prison, Billy is more interested in what’s underneath her dress than her face. Instead of getting mushy, Billy gets straight to the point and asks her to unbutton her top. So she does, crying at the state her extremely horny  boyfriend is in, and actually presses her left breast onto the glass barrier that divides the inmates from the visitors. And our friend Billy is trying his level best to get a hold of it, while she keeps pressing herself onto the glass harder! I'm sure you all have seen it. It is even, quite unexpectedly,  turns us on.  
So there I was this morning, feeling like Billy, trying to get hold of my "visitor" as it was pressed against the clear plastic divider between us.
It is at moments like this that I find myself at a mental impasse. What state am I in?  Feeling discontent for not being able to get what I want,  yet  in my brain, waves of emotions quenching my body  with a secret potion .  It has been said before that the mind is the sexiest part of the human body.  All our desires, taboos and fetishes originate in that vast playground. Now go play and share.
More to come,

Thursday, February 7, 2013

In and out

As my young blog shows, my key holder,  the cb and me are making first steps here. So far, threading casually. Not too intense just yet. Discovery. Investigation. Fun.
Princess K says she is still looking for an "in". Her angel, her draw. She enjoys the teasing very much she says. This morning after a night of passion and teasing that ended with climax for her only and with a night of locked arousal for me I was wandering if by the time she will find her "in" and settle happily into this arrangement I will be looking for  my outs...:) but it will be too late then.
Is that how it usually works?
So far we are operating on medium speed here. Probobly recommended for all beginners. Last weekend I was allowed to come. It was a great night. Princess K really made me happy in many ways. I kept feeling it through out the next morning.
I did realized that I have less of a need to write when sated. How interesting. Orson Wells once remarked that creativity's greatest enemy is the lack of limitations...
 Maybe when locked,  emotionally anxious by the unknown and the lack of control that I find writing here to be a suiting outlet.
I am still figuring things out.
More to come,

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fun is good for you

Well, last night, on TV,  I viewed what I think are a couple of quite interesting and telling items. The two  most popular shows on Showtime, "Californication" and "House of Lies"  briefly discussed male chastity and portrayed a prostate massage respectively.
Now, I see the media arts, tv and film, not just as an entertainment source but, more important, as an expression of the collective undercurrents of our culture,  with the power sometimes to predict, or indicate, trends before they surface into the mainstream.  Therefore it is easy to understand how quickly I was alerted to these social messages while sitting on my couch, locked up, going on 10 days without release for the first time in my adult life. I would gladly welcome a prostate massage myself right now. For those of you who don't know what I am referring to  go google it and let the big boys (and girls!) play here but I doubt that there is a reader nowadays who is not familiar with what I am talking about.
How interesting is that. That we, men,  got our own "g-spot" now and that we are allowed, maybe even welcomed, to express our submissive side if so we wish. Hallelujah....
As I begin my first steps into the world of chastity and the exchange of power and control, having no idea where it would lead to, I am also striving, in my own way,  to crack the code behind it all. It's unlikely to happen right now in this post but I invite you to join me on this search as there seems to be some kind of liberation and deeper understanding at the end of it, or maybe its just a fun experiment. Fun is good for you. Right?
Well, Let me think again. I do feel  frustrated this morning. I want to come. My penis is growing against its cage and I just want to empty myself. Anything will do. Milk me with a strap-on, your finger, let me out and let me in. Kids, now don't try this at home...
Princess K and I have been apart for couple of days. Maybe that is why I am going a little crazy. If I could put my head between her legs for awhile I will feel better. I'll better go get me some coffee now.Fun...
More to come,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


You probably heard this before - "Be careful what you wish for".. Well, The secure male here will have non of that.  I say, take responsibility for your life and  celebrate that which you wish for because you will get it.  But who knows, I might sing a different song months from now.
That is because this journal of discovery and exploration begins 9 days after Princess K took over the control of my orgasm and 3 days since she locked me in chastity.
I never knew that panic, dread, thrill and intoxication can coexist    
but this is the recipe that the butterflies in my stomach are made of. The effects are quite strong already. I am indeed frustrated and semi aroused big part of the time. I pine for my penis (see "panic, dread" ) but just as much, maybe more, pine for Princess K (see "thrill, intoxication").
Princess K got the key and from what I can tell so far she may be too well suited for the position I asked her to take. Previously in my long term relationships I was never being respectful to or honest about my needs. I have always been adventurous and open sexually and I used that for  pleasuring and fulfilling  the other person. Something that I do enjoy very much indeed.
Many times we are so afraid to ask for what we want because rejection or refusal is like a death sentence to our self-esteem. Since it is so hard for us to truly love ourselves why risk loosing the love of others too.
But Princess K came into my life when I was, finally, ready for her. Having grown to be more accepting and loving of myself I was less afraid to express myself. And I knew that I will not go through another relationship with out being completely honest about my need to explore my kinks. I was ready to wish for what I wanted and refused to be careful about it.
So here we are. . Since I put on the chastity belt (cb6000s) and gave away the key I have not for obvious reasons indulged in any masturbation or internet porn. I will use the energy and the extra  time to chronicle the experiences and the lessons that will come my way. ( you may thank Princess K if you like what you read here)
More to come,